URGENT:  Calls for help have gone up. 
The calls to Homefirst have skyrocketed and they range from basic inquiries regarding the availability of emergency assistance in anticipation of being unable to pay rent; homeless families in immediate need of housing placements; disabled individuals in desperate need of food to a call from a victim of domestic violence seeking shelter.  Please HelpMAKE A RECURRING MONHTLY PAYMENT

While the current COVID-19 outbreak is dramatically impacting the lives of every person in our country, please remember that the homeless and those at-risk of homelessness are particularly vulnerable, as they have much higher rates of serious underlying health problems, generally lack access to quality health care, and have no way to self-quarantine.  People bedding down on the streets and in other public places are constantly exposed to the environment and lack access to bathrooms and running water needed to simply wash their hands.

However, the situation is becoming dire as the food pantry which supplies our families with weekly food bag suspended operations. Consequently, many of our neighbors will quickly face food insecurity.  Limited resources, impending layoffs and reduction of work hours further impede some families and their ability to buy food and other basic necessities.
Temporary closures and work from home policies for social service organizations and other partner agencies will directly impact the people needing these services most.  Although services are provided on-line, for our homeless neighbors and other vulnerable populations, access to computers or finding an organization that can assist them is extremely difficult during this time of crisis.

It’s these types of situations that Homefirst deals with on a daily basis. 

You can help!  Please take a moment to help Homefirst raise funds to help families and children in need.   All donations will be used to help with housing emergencies, purchase food cards, buy basic necessities (such as diapers and feminine health products), and provide on-going case management.