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The Wine and Dine has been rescheduled to October 18, 2019. More details to follow…

Homefirst Interfaith Housing and Family Services is hosting a Wine and Dine event on October 18th, 2019, 6 PM – 10:00 PM at Old York Cellars in Ringoes, NJ. A champion for homeless prevention, Homefirst continues to be an advocate to fight against poverty.



Since 1986, Homefirst has been a beacon of hope for Union County. It began as a small shelter program providing homeless women and families with shelter, food, and supportive services. Over the years, as the needs of the community evolved, Homefirst was able to transition families from shelters to their own homes. Today Homefirst successfully offers a variety of support services including family assistance, homeless prevention, and housing case management.

Wine and Dine is a fundraiser that will provide direct financial assistance to families in need. One less family will face eviction from their home, foreclosure, or shut-off of their utilities. One more family can receive access to stable housing, medical and social case management, parent advocacy workshops, and much more. Tickets cost $70.00 and include six wine tastings, live jazz entertainment, and a buffet dinner. “It’s only with the support of our partners, funders and volunteers that we are able to make a difference in the lives of so many, by giving them a helping hand to a pathway out of poverty,” said Rev. Ron Thomas, Homefirst Board President.

Details on how you can donate to “fight poverty today for their tomorrow,” along with Homefirst success stories and other ways you can help prevent homelessness can be found on the Homefirst website. 


About Homefirst

It is the vision of Homefirst to be a leading collaborator that delivers real outcomes to the issue of homelessness that is plaguing many of our communities. Homefirst strives to make it possible for every family to have safe, decent housing they can afford; and to provide family support services to create a home and a future filled with promise. We provide transitional, supportive and permanent housing, homelessness prevention assistance and services to individuals and families. Through individualized supportive and housing services, Homefirst’s ultimate goal is to foster selfsufficiency, thus building stronger communities. For more information, www.homefirstinc.org, or contact Homefirst Interim Executive Director Karla Spivey at (908) 753-4001 or karla@homefirstinc.org.



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