Helping Individuals and Families Maintain Stability and Their Home.

Individuals and families experience obstacles or emergencies, which affect their lives and financial stability, often times jeopardizing their housing. Homefirst offers a suite of social services, temporary assistance and supportive services including emergency rental assistance, utility payments, or security deposit assistance to prevent homelessness. In addition, Homefirst provides financial assistance to eligible residents to sustain housing with the ultimate goals of preventing homelessness prevention and housing retention.

The following is a list of services available through Homefirst Homeless Prevention Program:

  • Security deposit
  • First month rent
  • Rental arrearages
  • Utilities Assistance

Housing Related Services

A home is the most critical need any child and family requires to feel safe and to grow into healthy and productive members of a community. When families face homeslessness they deal with crisis in ways that do not benefit children. The stress of pending homelessness or being in a homeless situation is a crisis that Homefirst is most effective at in helping the community thrive. Families are provided with access to a number of services that create stability, including:

  • Permanent Housing for qualified families and individuals who are homeless or low-income and seeking affordable, long term permanent housing.
  • Transitional Housing services that provide families an affordable place to live for an average of 18 – 24 months in coordination with supportive services such as job training, educational counseling, job placement, financial literacy training, referral to social services, transportation solutions, and more.
  • Permanent Supportive Housing, which includes the coordination of supportive services with placement in affordable homes made available to families who are living with a disability and are homeless.

Case Management

For more information, please contact the Homeless Prevention Program Hotline at 908-753-4001 or Click here.

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