For nearly three decades, Homefirst has carefully developed integrated comprehensive solutions to the issues of homelessness and poverty. We work in tandem with many appropriate community-based organizations to safeguard the availability of affordable housing. Our experience has shown that all individuals and family members increase their overall well-being when living in stable housing. We coordinate service delivery along a continuum of care that includes housing, healthcare, mental health counseling, emergency assistance, family budgeting, parenting education and other opportunities to enhance their quality life.

We recognize that individuals and families can experience obstacles or emergencies, which affect their lives and financial stability, often jeopardizing their housing. Homefirst offers a suite of social services, temporary assistance and supportive services including emergency rental assistance, utility payments, or security deposit assistance to prevent homelessness. In addition, Homefirst provides financial assistance to eligible residents to sustain housing with the ultimate goals of preventing homelessness.