Our service areas are as follows:

Plainfield Family Support Center – The Homefirst Plainfield Family Support Center (HFPFSC) provides programs and services to strengthen familial relationships, encourage community growth and resolve stressors which may cause family instability and has a special emphasis on housing as well as programs and resources for homeless persons with disabilities. Our Center incorporates the Family Success Model whereby our site is organized as a neighborhood gathering place and we offer proactive solutions to problems that may cause child neglect or abuse.

Hours of Operations: Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm (Only by Appointment)

Homeless Prevention (Crisis Intervention Diversion) – We offer programs, services and direct financial assistance to prevent evictions and utility shut-offs.

Housing Case Management & Support Services – Honoring our commitment to offer comprehensive solutions to address homelessness Homefirst offers solid linkages to affordable, safe, affordable permanent housing and temporary housing. In partnership with the Housing Authority of Plainfield we provide over 35 families with monthly housing vouchers.