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Homefirst is calling upon all members of our community to help us help our most vulnerable families and the homeless in Union County, NJ. We’ve adjusted our operations to help clients remotely, but the calls for our services have skyrocketed. 
For example, many of our families receive government food subsidies but their funds run out before the end of the month, or a single woman with children needs to find shelter because they are escaping domestic violence, or a family is facing eviction because they are out of work and must make a choice of buying food or paying rent.
Our ability to meet the needs of our homeless population and our most vulnerable families is partially met by state and county grants, but in this crisis, it is not enough. That’s why we have established the Homefirst COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund to meet the needs of our families.


  • Homeless Prevention: provides resources (“where to go” or “how to apply”), including direct financial assistance, to families and individuals facing eviction, foreclosure, or utility shut-off. 
  • Family Support: provides direct support to families such as food, cleaning products, soap, diapers, etc. 
  • Housing Case Management: provides case management and one-on-one counseling to families or victims of domestic violence in our housing programs.


The Homefirst COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund was established to:
  • Supplement our existing emergency direct assistance program.
  • Provide additional food bags or supermarket gift cards to individuals and families in need.
  • House families in temporary emergency shelters while Homefirst finds permanent housing.
The Emergency Relief Fund will also make it possible for us to upgrade our technology to handle the higher call volume and protect the confidentiality of our clients.

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