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Meet Sara*, 40 years old and mother of three, ages, 2, 7, and 9. She’s been coming to Homefirst for about 5 years to supplement her food and for activities for her children. Sara stays connected to Homefirst through our regular outreach calls with her Homefirst family support specialist. Before coming to Homefirst, it was a difficult time for her family. Sara recalls her reasons for contacting Homefirst, “I was confused. I didn’t know anyone here and didn’t know how I was going to feed my children at times.” She also shared she was suffering from depression as she didn’t know anyone in Plainfield and didn’t know who to contact for help.
While pregnant with her last child, she heard about an agency in “the white house on the corner of Watchung Avenue,” This positive word of mouth in the community brought her to Homefirst for assistance. She was able to get diapers, coats, clothes, and sign-up to receive food. Also, as a parent, she was under intense pressure because, as this was the holiday season, she was unable to buy Christmas presents for her three children. During other holidays, such as Thanksgiving, she was able to come to the center to receive food to prepare a holiday meal for her family. She described the Family Support Center as “a great support system” to get her through the hard times.
To date, she has been able to receive assistance with such items as clothing, food, toys, diapers, coats, and her utility bill. Sara expressed her appreciation for Homefirst’s services, “It’s an excellent program. For those that have really needed it, it helps a lot.”
* Client’s identity and privacy is protected.

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