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It’s never too early to think about giving back. When Gavin, 6, Lula, 2, Juliana,7, and Michael, 4 organized a lemonade stand for Homefirst, they proved that even at a young age you can make a huge impact. Lemonade was for sale on that day, but compassion was at the very heart of their operations. “They sold regular and strawberry lemonade for 50 cents a cup, and many customers were very generous donating more than the cost of the cup,” stated Ginger Berman, President of Events with Ginger & Co. in Westfield, NJ and one of the mother’s on-site. A total of $28 was earned. Half of their earnings were generously donated to Homefirst, and matched by their parents to deliver a donation that was as sweet as the lemonade they sold.
As we take a lesson from our young fundraisers, acts of kindness can happen at any age.
To donate to Homefirst or find out how to get involved, click DONATE TO HOMEFIRST below and.