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St. Mary’s Church Plant This Year’s Harvest
Recently, St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in collaboration with students and a professor from Rutgers University returned to our Plainfield Community Garden to start this year’s planting.  The group weeded the garden beds, spread compost and planted seeds.  This year’s crop includes kale, lettuce and swiss chard.  The harvest will benefit our families in our Family Support program and families of St. Mary’s.
“Homefirst is excited that St. Mary’s returned again this year to tend and harvest our Plainfield Community Garden,” said Laurethea Kidd, Homefirst’s Acting Executive Director.  “The garden will provide many local families with free, fresh, locally-grown vegetables.”
Our volunteers work in our garden each Wednesday until the end of the season.
For more information, please contact Jackie Crespo, Director of Family Services, at jackie@homefirstinc.org (908) 753-4001 ext. 121.
About Homefirst
Serving more than 2,000 clients each year, Homefirst delivers comprehensive solutions to homelessness by providing transitional, supportive and permanent housing, homeless prevention assistance, and family support services to strengthen families and build communities. It is the vision of Homefirst to be a leading collaborator that delivers real outcomes to the homelessness issue plaguing many of our communities. Homefirst strives to make it possible for every family to have safe, decent housing they can afford with family support services to create a home and a future filled with promise. Homefirst’s ultimate goal is to foster self-sufficiency, thus building stronger communities.  For more information, please visit us online at Homefirstinc.org. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @HomefirstInc.