Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day. What happens, however, when you are in a family that is food insecure without the means to provide for 3 square meals a day? The very question Jonathan Applewhite youth philanthropist and friend to Homefirst pondered. Understanding that during the summer breaks from school, not only are children on break from school, but they are also breaking from breakfast in the mornings, he coordinated a cereal drive to help stamp out food insecurity in our neighborhood last summer. Jonathan implored his friends, family, and neighbors to donate breakfast items so that children could have a great start to their day. This year, Homefirst was fortunate to have Jonathan champion this cause a second time, donating a variety of 70 boxes of cereal and six boxes of 18 packets of oatmeal. Thanks to his generous donation, our families can take comfort in the fact that they can count on Homefirst.
















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