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Executive Director’s MessageDebbie-Ann-LU-1-950x1024

As we move into March, most notably Women’s History Month, one cannot help but reflect on the tension and uncertainty of our nation. There are numerous issues causing conflict among people.  Everyone has an opinion about what they view as right and what they view as wrong.  Protest are on the rise and, although, people are coming together; the nation remains divided. The one thing that is clear is that fear has griped our nation and many people are scared of what the future holds for themselves and their families.  

Despite the turmoil, we cannot lose sight of the most vulnerable of us all; families living on the brink of homelessness or in transition because they may not have a stable job, or enough income for child care, or worse yet, not enough food to feed their families.

The suffocating affects of poverty effects the country as a whole. As a result, those families not only face daily challenges but now have to worry about their civil rights and their ability to access opportunities they came to America seeking; Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

Although change is never easy, it’s inevitable. With so many changes, we are left to deal with major concerns that render organizations, like Homefirst, with uncertainty in our ability to provide the services that keep families strong, stable and safe.  

When parents lose a job, become disabled, are evicted from their home or experience a sudden emergency, it is never an easy fix.  These families require wrap-around services.   

At Homefirst we understand firsthand what a family goes through when they face sudden changes or uncertainty.  We see it every day as we lend a helping hand and provide families with the support they need at the time they need it most.

Thanks to our donors and volunteers, Homefirst continues to provide that safety net of services our most vulnerable families need – and we will be here when it matters most.

Take a moment to follow us on Facebook to see firsthand how we serve our families in need.  We share updates and news constantly.  Thank you for your continued and much needed support.