Falling Victim to Human Trafficking

Falling Victim to Human Trafficking

Startling statistics from the International Labor Organization revealed in 2017 that estimated 24.9 million people are victims of human trafficking. According to statistics, 71% of trafficking victims around the world are women and girls. 5.5 million are children under the age of 18. Let’s meet Danielle. Sadly, this modern-day slavery scenario was her reality. One of her children had the grave misfortune of falling victim to a human trafficking scheme. Daniell’s only choice to keep her family safe was to flee Guatemala to find a safe haven. Homefirst’s Plainfield Family Support Center provided a pathway to her safe haven. With our help, Maria was able to work with a caseworker who set up a plan for her to search for employment, start the process for obtaining an apartment, and, most importantly, gave her the courage to move forward.

At Homefirst we have seen families face hardships and obstacles or emergencies, which affect their lives and financial stability.  These issues often times jeopardize their housing. Homefirst offers a suite of social services, temporary assistance and supportive services including emergency rental assistance, utility payments, or security deposit assistance to prevent homelessness. In addition, Homefirst provides financial assistance to eligible residents to sustain housing with the ultimate goals of preventing homelessness prevention and housing retention.

COVID-19 has brought an additional layer of problems to our families.  Many cannot “shelter” in place with no stable shelter.  And food insecurity is at an all time high.  We help these families navigate these obstacles with care and real solutions.

We need your donations to continue to be there for people who need us.  Consider these facts:

  A $5,000 donation provides the security deposit and first month’s rent a family needs to move into transitional housing and helps with any payments in arrears.  

  A $2,500 donation furnishes a home for a family.

  A $1,500 donation pays rent for one month.

  A $1,000 donation supplies case management to a wide range of clients including those who are disabled, formerly homeless, or survivors of domestic violence.

  A $500 donation feeds a family of four for one month.

  A $250 donation heats a family’s apartment for one month.

  A $150 donation supplies supermarket cards to families.

  A $50 donation pays for transportation for parents to commute to work.

On behalf of Homefirst’s Board, staff, volunteers and clients, thank you so much for your support.